What is the old way 古道 of kung fu 功夫?

What is the old way 古道 of kung fu 功夫 ?

Jin Si Sum 戦士心 is an institute for the old way 古道 of kung fu 功夫 – but what does that actually mean?

Old way 古道 of kung fu 功夫,  is an expression used by an older generation of Chinese people living outside of mainland China. They are people who have witnessed the gutting out of effective martial arts from Chinese culture. The phrase old way 古道 kung fu 功夫 (古道功夫) refers to martial arts that are still maintained as arts of war. They can be brought to bear in times of conflict, or more specifically, in society meltdown. Such skills should not be used for petty bar fights!

Jin Si Sum 戦士心 kung fu 功夫 was removed from mainland China before the move to sport martial arts took hold. The tradition, techniques, and history, were all well recorded and painstakingly preserved. Today we still practice the “old way”. This may not attract thousands of students, but it remains, and always will remain, a safe harbour for the old way 古道 of kung fu 功夫.

Understanding translations:

  • ku do 古道 (Mandarin: gu dao) – “old way”
  • kung fu 功夫 (Mandarin: gong fu) – ancient term “artisan”, or the modern term, “skill developed over time and with effort”.
  • ku do kung fu 古道功夫 (Mandarin: gu dao gong fu) – “the old way of kung fu”.