Les Conn

Les Conn 黃利賢 is a martial arts master, scholar, author, penjing enthusiast, and a dad. Born in 1961 in Zimbabwe, Les began studying Martial Arts in 1972. In 1987 he moved to Hong Kong where Les ultimately completed a formal twenty year closed door apprenticeship under Master Kwan Yuen Cheong 關潤昌.

Maan Mut Ji Do 萬物之道

Les has long since been a controversial figure in Far Eastern Chinese martial arts circles. Being “non Chinese”, Les has always been under fire for his relationship and study under Master Kwan Yuen Cheong 關潤昌. Even so, he is today a 7th generation master in the Jin Si Sum 戦士心 lineage, and the only Westerner to ever be taught the entire system of Maan Mut Ji Do 萬物之道.

Historical Researcher

Deeply fascinated with China’s military history, Les began a lifelong journey of research and revival of lost techniques of the Chinese warrior arts. His passion was Yan Fat 隱法 (Yin Fa in Mandarin), the Chinese warrior art of stealth.

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Triads and Yakuza

During his time in the Far East, Les spent over 20 years with members of both the Chinese and Japanese underworld. He was accepted into the community to research and understand their martial arts traditions and historical connections. His experiences were profound and have deeply affected the way Les practices and teaches the Chinese martial arts.

Podcast Interview

Les Conn is interviewed by Byron Jacobs on his life and martial arts journey…

Over the years