Jin Si Sum 戦士心 is a skill-based institute of Chinese martial arts. That means we develop our kung fu 功夫 through actual combat repetition and not through forms practice as is most common in the modern era. Our unarmed skills are tough and effective, while weapons training is done with real knives, machetes, hand-thrown projectiles, and so on.

We train with weapons of varying sizes and shapes with the understanding that even the smallest weapon can change the outcome of a violent conflict. Our aim is to become skilled enough to use anything at hand. That could mean a blade, a broomstick, or even a hair clip. Of course, one may not have a weapon at hand so all our skills are effective regardless of whether we are armed or unarmed.

Jin Si Sum 戦士心 kung fu 功夫 is gritty, practical, and above all, extremely effective. Our kung fu 功夫 is very specific in nature: It is a no-nonsense, practical art, that works with defined principles, precise footwork, and detailed body mechanics.

We practice all four traditional body skills. That is: kicking, striking, throwing, and limb catching. We then use our body skills in conjunction with the opponents physical limitations to defeat them.

With all that said, we always remind ourselves to remain humble in the knowledge that even great warriors can die in battle.

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